45 / 60 min

$125 / $165


Powered by natural, nourishing, mechanized techniques, this customized lymphatic treatment tones, refines, and cleanses your body. A luxurious method composed of perfected cell stimulation technology by LPG systems, this dynamic approach employs essential collagen production as it sculpts away stubborn fat deposits, fends against visible signs of aging, flushes puffy inflammation, and detoxes your immune system, bestowing a relaxed state and noticeable freshness. This uniquely effective treatment stands out for it’s valuable health and aesthetic benefits and is sure to inspire a lifelong devotion to your lymphatic system.



35 min



There’s more to treating your skin than curating effective skincare products. Often overlooked, lymphatic stimulation is essential for ensuring healthy skin. By improving circulation, stimulating collagen production, and removing inflammation, this custom treatment transforms skin from lackluster to lustrous. Our non-invasive approach offers immediate results, unveiling a naturally slim and contoured face, tightened and plump, free from puffy inflammation. This face treatment not only delivers results, but also inspires a shift in how you approach your daily skincare routine.


Body + Face

60 / 95 min

$195 / $225


Maximize our offerings by combining our signature body and face treatment. Our practitioners’ aesthetic approach reveals your innate brilliance, while healing you from the inside out - uniting beauty and health with results that keep this treatment in constant demand. Innovative in its ability to deliver intensive effects, this dual treatment combines a relaxing ritual with a whole body restoration. 



Dry Body Brushing

25 min

$65 / 55 add on


Designed to stimulate circulation and revitalize skin, our dry body brushing treatment perfects a classic practice. Renowned for it’s ability to energize and lightly exfoliate skin cells, our invigorating dry brushing treatment extends and luxuriates a daily ritual.


Nervous System Release Healing

60 min



John Corsa's signature Nervous System Release Healing cleanses the nervous system from physical and energetic stress, exhaustion, negative thought forms and embedded traumas. Trauma to the nervous system can fuel excess inflammation, physchological and emotional blockages and deplete our life force energy. John's coveted healings incorporate a range of energetic and verbal techniques developed to release blockages in the nervous system and open energetic channels, bestowing a state of harmonious energetic balance and internal clarity.


Infrared Sauna (coming soon)



Revitalize the body by increasing circulation to the skin cells, internal organs and calm the nervous system through infrared therapy.