Ricari, derived from the Sanskrit word for “brilliance”, is a cellular approach to skincare. With a focus on lymphatic detox and skin cell stimulation, we provide carefully chosen treatments, products, and education to revive your skin and reveal your innate radiance. We gather our resources from international artisans, experts, and individuals living at the cutting edge of science and technology. Our selection boasts skincare necessities – not fads – that unite traditions of the past with advents of the future. Continuously exploring the evolving world of health and beauty, we aim to enrich your life with newfound concepts and adorn your shelves with sublime skincare tools.   


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Ricari specializes in detoxifying, cellular stimulation, with a focus on flushing the lymphatic system. Lymphatic Body Sculpting (also known as Endermologie) is a noninvasive connective tissue treatment that combines neuromuscular massage, myofascial release techniques, and lymphatic drainage. The treatment is given using a non invasive FDA cleared category 1 medical device called Cellu M6 Integral 2 manufactured by LPG systems.

Treatments condition and stimulate skin tissue to naturally eliminate fat deposits, tighten sagging skin, revitalize blood, lymphatic circulation, and reactivate lipolysis (the body's natural breakdown of fat cells). In addition to your custom mechanized treatment, sessions incorporate infrared healing, breath work, essential oils, and comprehensive suggestions to improve your at home health routines. 

We are now also offering John Corsa's signature Nervous System Release Healing treatments.



Anna Zahn, Founder + Lymphatic Detox Specialist 

John Corsa, Lymphatic Detox Specialist + Adaptive Healer

Rose St Denis, Lymphatic Detox Specialist + Adaptive Massage Therapist + Herbalist