Ricari, derived from the Italian word “Ricarica,” which translates to “recharge,” is a health spa with a restorative approach to skin and body care. With a focus on cellular stimulation and physical architecture, we provide carefully chosen treatments, products, and education to revive your form and reveal your innate radiance. We gather our resources from international artisans, experts, and innovators living at the cutting edge of technique and technology. Our selection boasts wellbeing necessities – not fads – that unite traditions of the past with advents of the future. Continuously exploring the evolving world of health and beauty, we aim to enrich your life with newfound concepts and adorn your shelves with sublime wellness tools.   


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Anna Zahn, Founder + Ricari Specialist 

Hadia Kabir, Ricari Specialist + Makeup Artist

Olivia Burr, Ricari Specialist + Vintage Clothing Retailer

Gia Castellano, Ricari Specialist + Floral Designer

Jennifer Hare, Ricari Specialist + Pilates Instructor

Laila Hayani, Ricari Specialist + Makeup Artist

Rebecca Marley, Ricari Specialist + Artist

Marissa Weber, Ricari Concierge + Student